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Our Breast Implant Products

The NATRELLE® Collection offers hundreds of breast implant and tissue expander options designed to ensure your plastic surgeon can make the best choice for you.

Finding The Right Fit For You

Everyone’s body is different. Even the smallest difference is important when it comes to selecting the right kind of breast implant. Before your surgeon recommends an implant, he or she may perform a series of comprehensive measurements and evaluate your skin and breast tissue characteristics. These measurements play a key role in determining what kind of implants fit your unique shape.Your surgeon may consider the following:

  • The symmetry of your breasts
  • The width of your breasts
  • Your skin and breast tissue characteristics
  • The location of the incision and the implant
  • Your goals and desires for surgery

Careful preoperative planning is important because a breast implant that is too large for your tissue can result in excessive stretching of the skin and can contribute to the need for future corrective surgeries. In addition, the implant edge may be apparent or visible under the skin. Once the breast tissue is damaged like this, your surgeon may not be able to reverse the damage.

So, listen to your surgeon’s advice and recommendations.

Gel Implant Options

Considering your Implant options

You should consult with your surgeon on which of these cohesive gel implants may best suit your needs. Beyond the implant gel filler material, there are other variables such as implant size, shape and profile that, along with your breast tissue characteristics can help you and your surgeon achieve the desired result.

A note about silicone: Every silicone gel-filled breast implant in the NATRELLE® Collection has a cohesive silicone gel-filler. Basically, this means that silicone inside the implant acts more like a soft solid than a liquid. All Allergan gel-filled breast implants have a patented INTRASHIEL™ Barrier Technology. This barrier in the shell reduces shell permeability and minimizes gel diffusion or gel bleed.

The NATRELLE® Collection offers a variety of implant styles. The right shape for you is a balance between the aesthetic outcome you desire and what your breast measurements and tissue characteristics will allow.

The NATRELLE® Collection offers three options of silicone gel-filled implants:

Saline Implants

There was a time when saline breast implants were the only real option for women wanting breast augmentation with implants, and they still remain a viable alternative to silicone gel-filled implants for some. Both saline- and silicone gel-filled breast implants have their share of advantages and disadvantages. Your choice of breast implant type must be made with your board-certified plastic surgeon. The decision should be made based on your goals, preferences and anatomy.

Saline and silicone breast implants are both composed of a silicone shell with a filler. Saline implants contain a saltwater solution, whereas silicone implants contain silicone gel.

The NATRELLE® Collection offers a line of saline breast implant options with different sizes and projections to meet your individual needs. Discuss your wishes with an experienced plastic surgeon.

Breast Implant Shapes

Breast Implants come in 2 different shapes: there are round implants and teardrop shaped implants. The later are called anatomical implants as they closely resemble the natural shape of the breast.

Round implants fill out the existing breasts by adding volume to the upper pole of the breast resulting in a “rounded” look. The upper pole of the breast can lose fullness over time due to gravity, resulting in a flatter emptier look. Round implants come in four profiles: low, moderate, full and extra full.

Anatomical or teardrop implants are shaped more naturally to follow the body’s natural lines. The implants fill out existing breast tissue by a subtle increase in upper pole volume and a greater increase in lower pole volume. They can also be used when there is little breast tissue present and the implant assists in shaping the breast. Anatomical implants give a natural yet substantively augmented outcome. They are available in a wide variety of individual shares to match all breast contours.

Breast Implant Sizes

Selecting the proper implant width is critical to helping ensure your long-term satisfaction with your breast surgery. The NATRELLE® Collection of breast implants are available in different diameters, so your surgeon will be able to find the right match to fit the width of your breast, creating a more natural look.

Breast implants are measured by volume (cubic centimeters – cc’s or grams) not cup size. Selecting the right volume for your body is one key for achieving your desired look. The NATRELLE® Collection offers a wide range of volumes from 110 grams to 800 grams, so you and your surgeon can find the volume that you are looking for. The final volume is determined by combining the base width that fits your chest with the projection you desire. It is important to be aware that a larger volume implant may not necessarily mean that your breasts will look bigger – it depends on your body type and shape.


The NATRELLE® Collection of implants are also available in several different projections (or profiles). Projection means the distance your implants will extend forward from your chest wall. A higher projection can be another way to give the impression of larger breast size. Talk to your surgeon about which profile is right for you.


Implants can be either smooth or textured. Your surgeon will determine which options is right for you.